The table below lists a small selection of Regavolt® products available.
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Model Input Output Rated Max Motorised-Regavolt-401-G3-3-Phase-small
301L-G3 208V 0-208V 3 x 1.75A 3 x 2A
402L-G3 208V 0-239V 3 x 5A 3 x 6A
403L-G3 208V 0-239V 3 x 6.75A 3 x 8.1A
706L-G3 208V 0-239V 3 x 15A 3 x 18A
1225L-G3 208V 0-239V 3 x 50A 3 x 60A
301-G3 440V 0-440V 3 x 0.5A 3 x 0.7A
402-G3 415V 0-475V 3 x 2.5A 3 x 2.75A
403-G3 415V 0-475V 3 x 3A 3 x 3.75A
404-G3 415V 0-475V 3 x 4A 3 x 4.75A
706-G3 415V 0-475V 3 x 6A 3 x 7.2A
708-G3 415V 0-475V 3 x 8A 3 x 10A
710-G3 415V 0-475V 3 x 10A 3 x 12A
715-G3 415V 0-475V 3 x 15A 3 x 18A
1225-G3 415V 0-475V 3 x 25A 3 x 30A

Regavolt®50-60Hz Non standard Voltage range

Model Input Output Rated  
351 15V 0-15V 6A Regavolt-clear-R   Variable Transformers
201 25V 0-25V 1A
258 50V 0-50V 0.75A
453 50V 0-50V 9A
757 50V 0-50V 18A
454 55V 0-55V 3.5A
352 150V 0-150V 1.25A
455 240V 0-300V 1.85A
456 240V 0-300V 3A

Regavolt®120V & 208V High Frequency models - 400Hz and above

Model Input Output Rated  
201 120V 0-120V 1A       Regavolt-clear-R Variable Transformers
371 120V 0-135V 1.75A
473 120V 0-135V 6A
775 120V 0-135V 15A
372 208V 0-208V 1.5A
474 208V 0-208V 4A
776 208V 0-208V 7A

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