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Claude Lyons Limited are proud to have introduced the variable transformer to the UK in 1933 under the trade name 'Variac'. Today we manufacture them under our registered trade marks 'Regavolt®' and 'Varatran®' and continue to manufacture all of our Variable Transformers at our Waltham Cross facility in Hertfordshire, England.

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All of our Variable Transformers are available open or cased, individual or ganged, and in single or three phase configuration, manual or motor driven depending on your application. Our team of highly experienced engineers will be happy to advise you and specify the correct product to meet your application.

We specialise in meeting your bespoke requirements and are confident we can provide you with a high quality Variable Transformer that will operate reliably for many years to come.

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Select from the list below to view our range of standard model Variable Transformers
120V & 240V 50-60Hz Single phase Regavolt®and Varatran® Variable Transformers
Three phase 50-60Hz Regavolt® Variable Transformers & Non standard voltage and high frequency models 

If you have an older model Variac, Regavolt®(Berco) or Regulacâ„¢ variable transformer and are looking for an equivalent current model, view our guide below.

historic models and their current production equivalents