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Energy Savings

Electrical equipment is designed to accept a wide range of input voltages, but if the actual electrical supply voltage is higher than the optimum requirement, the equipment will often consume excess power. For example, a 230V linear appliance operating at 240V will consume approximately 9% more energy than necessary.

The effect of reducing the supply voltage varies according to the type of equipment being supplied - for some there is a very steep correlation between voltage reduction and energy saved, while for others little or no saving occurs.  This is why a site survey based simply on voltage readings is inadequate.  The actual saving achieved in practice therefore depends on the mix of electrical loads.  A full survey, as carried out by Claude Lyons' experienced engineers, takes full account of the current drawn and the individual types of equipment being supplied, as well as the level and variations of the incoming supply.

Therefore, reducing the voltage supplied to electrical equipment not only generates smaller energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint but also prolongs the lifetime of most electrical equipment.


 Download the full case study to read how this exclusive hotel reduced its electricity consumption and environmental impact.

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The Claude Lyons Group was founded in the UK in 1918 and is still in private ownership. Since our early days we have been innovators in areas related to voltage and power control and more recently in energy saving and harmonic mitigation. Operating as a global exporter with many years experience we can justifiably call ourselves a world leader in the field of voltage stabilisers, power conditioning and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)