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How does reducing the voltage save power?

Generally, the mains supply voltage in the UK is greater than necessary. For many types of electrical equipment if the voltage is reduced the current drops. Power consumption is the product of voltage and current, so as voltage is reduced the power falls.

What is the typical supply voltage in the UK?

This varies widely (which is why a site survey is so desirable) but typically, although the official nominal supply voltage is 230V, the actual voltage fluctuates around an average of 242V.

What are the benefits of PowerSave Energy Saving Regulator units over other Voltage Optimisers in the market?

PowerSave Units are designed to maintain the supply at the optimum voltage and achieve this dynamically whereas many other products on the market simply give a fixed reduction in Voltage or crudely step change and so do not truly optimise the voltage or offer the same levels of savings or protection from supply variations.

A fixed-ratio voltage reduction may cause problems if the supply voltage reduces, whilst a PowerSave energy saving voltage regulator will automatically compensate for this. In many cases the PowerSave Unit will safely allow for an even larger voltage reduction and thus enhance the savings.

What is the difference between a transformer and a stabiliser?

A transformer reduces the voltage by a fixed percentage. A stabiliser reduces the voltage to a fixed (preset) value. This has numerous advantages - the reduction in voltage (and therefore saving in power) can be greater, and the equipment being fed operates at an optimum stable voltage ensuring more consistent performance and longer life.

If I install a voltage reducer, what happens if the mains voltage drops?Unstable mains voltage (voltage drops) are likely to be more prevalent as supply capacity decreases. If the voltage reducer is a transformer, it will continue to reduce the now reduced incoming voltage, which can drop below the safe operating voltage for the equipment being supplied. On the contrary, a stabiliser will automatically compensate by decreasing the degree of voltage reduction, preserving correct equipment operation.

Some suppliers claim that voltage regulation equipments cannot be used for voltage reduction purposes. Is that correct?

No, To the contrary, Voltage regulation offers significant advantages over basic fixed or switched tap voltage reduction equipment not least of which being its ability to maintain the supply at a customer adjustable optimum voltage and maintain each phase voltage to within 1%.

What are the average savings by voltage reduction?

Each individual site will have unique characteristics and a variety of plant and equipment, however, in our experience savings of up to 25% can be achieved.

What types of load are better suited for energy savings by voltage reduction?

Most loads benefit from voltage reduction as the un-reduced voltage is higher than the optimum design voltage of the equipment. As an example resistive loads and fluorescent lighting generally show the highest savings.

Is it feasible to use PowerSave Energy Saving Regulator units in any industry?

Voltage reduction equipment could be beneficial for any industry sector. We measure suitability based on types of loads and other site specifics.

Can PowerSave Energy Saving Regulator units be used in domestic applications?

Our ESS units are designed for use in commercial and industrial applications.

If I upgrade plant and machinery at my site, do I need to upgrade my PowerSave Energy Saving Regulator?

Advice should be sought if you increase your electrical consumption at your site. Claude Lyons will offer you different sized equipment to meet each specific requirement; consideration should be given if future expansion is foreseen.

Will the installation of PowerSave Energy Saving Regulator have any negative effect on any of my electrical equipment?No. In fact operation of electrical equipment with a reduced and regulated voltage will generally increase service life of the equipment.

What is the voltage range equipment can accept?All electrical equipment sold in the EC needs to be capable of working with a supply voltage anywhere between 207 and 253V (230V ± 10%). Operating at a fixed, reduced, voltage of 220V (or even 210V for maximum saving) is therefore realistic with a PowerSave™ Energy Saving Regulator.

What are the benefits of PowerSave Energy Saving Regulator to the environment?

Benefits include reduction in Carbon footprint as well as a reduction in equipment replacement and maintenance requirements.

Does the equipment qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowance?

No. There are currently only 15 product ranges available through ECA and voltage optimisation / voltage regulation is not one of them. This is due to its transformer based technology. However there are interest free loans available through Carbon Trust or Salix.

Can we apply for a Carbon Trust or Salix loan to install PowerSave units?
Yes. Claude Lyons can help you to complete your application form.

Why do we need to have a site survey and three phase logging to establish possible savings and carbon reduction?
In order to accurately establish site suitability and energy saving potential a detailed survey and electrical logging are required. Surveying a site and understanding the load types that exist on the site and the specific way in which they are applied together with accurate data will enable a full technical analysis and assessment to be made. Without this level of detail any report is likely to be inaccurate and could potentially cause severe operational problems particularly if non regulating products were to be installed.

What happens if PowerSave Energy Saving Regulator units are overloaded?
Just like any electrical appliance, the capacity of the equipment should not be exceeded and protection to ensure this should be added where not already provided as part of the installation.

After our initial site survey and three phase logging we will advise on suitable PowerSave units for your site and we will estimate available capacity for future expansion. We also request site personnel to advise if there is any planned site expansion in the future.

What is the lifetime of your product?
As with any product, the lifetime depends upon its use and treatment over time however, provided the equipment is maintained and operated in accordance with the manufacturers instructions it will give indefinite service life.

Do Claude Lyons have designated after sales support?
Yes, Claude Lyons have a dedicated team of engineers offering full customer support.

Does the PowerSave Energy Saving Regulator unit replace the site transformer?

No. PowerSave units are complementary products to your existing LV transformer.

Does Claude Lyons provide installation?

Yes, through our dedicated approved installation contractors.

How long does installation take?

Each site has specific requirements and so each individual installation should be looked at separately. All works will be completed prior to switch over to limit equipment downtime.

Will out of hour's works be possible for installation and/or switchover period?

Yes. Our engineers and installers are very used to working in accordance with customers requirements.

Do I need to contact my energy supplier to switch off the supply during works?

Normally no contact would be required and where required the installer will normally deal with the energy supplier arrangements directly.

Will my site be without power whilst works are completed?

Claude Lyons will work together with our customers, and dynamic solutions will be employed to limit downtime. Where necessary use of backup power can be sought so your site has minimal interruption of service to normal activities.

Can the units be used in outdoor applications?

Yes. Standard units have IP21 rating and they are designed for indoor use. However we have the technical knowledge to accommodate any outdoor application request.

Does Claude Lyons offer maintenance as standard?

Maintenance contracts are a "bolt on" application.

Will my site be without electrical power during maintenance?
Some models incorporate internal No-Break by pass switches alleviating the need for any power disruption during maintenance. Where no internal bypass is available, an external bypass switch is recommended allowing our equipment to be isolated for maintenance. This would involve a brief loss of power.

What is the standard warranty on PowerSave Energy Saving Regulator units?

PowerSave units come with a standard 1 year manufacturer warranty. This can be extended up to 3 years with a bolt on maintenance contract.

What happens if PowerSave Energy Saving Regulator units fail?

Claude Lyons has been involved in the manufacture of voltage regulators for over 50 years and we pride ourselves on significantly low failures rates against industry standards. In case of any failure, the unit can be switched to bypass manually until the Claude Lyons engineer identifies the reason for failure. During this time the site will operate under its normal working conditions.

What is the optimum output voltage setting?

All equipment is set at 220V output upon leaving Claude Lyons; however, this can be set as per customers requirements and adjusted on site to meet optimum voltage for the specific site equipment / load profile.

Can each phase output voltage be set individually?Yes, although it is normal to ensure all three phases are set at the same Voltage.

Can a customer set the output voltage per their requirements? Yes. Full details of system adjustments are detailed in the equipment handbook supplied with the unit.

What is the maximum input voltage allowed?Standard PowerSave models have a maximum allowable input voltage of 254 V per phase, with alternative maximum input voltages available to order.

What is the correction range?Standard correction range for the Energy Saving Regulator is 0-12.5% of output setting, although other correction ranges are available.

Can the equipment be provided as either three phase or three single phase units?Yes. In most circumstances three phase units offer the most suitable style of unit although 3x single phase units can be supplied where there is limited available space at a customer's site or access to it.

It is a known factor that not all loads benefit from voltage reduction / optimisation. Could you please identify suitable loads for energy saving by voltage reduction?Although it is true to say that not all loads offer energy saving from voltage reduction, most loads will benefit from being fed with a reduced voltage as their designed voltage is probably at or closer with a reduced voltage than it is with the unregulated mains supply, and the added benefit of keeping the phases balanced to within 1% is always preferable.

Loads which generally offer significant energy savings include Refrigeration, chillers, motors (excluding VSD), lighting (most types except those with high frequency ballast), some temperature controlled equipments, pumps, although there is no definitive list.

What is the output accuracy?Each Phase is individually controlled to within ± 1%.

What is the surge rating?1000% for 2 seconds 300% for 2 minutes

What is the supply frequency range? 47-65Hz

Is there any waveform distortion?No

What is the efficiency?>99% at full load

How is the kVA determined?kVA is calculated at 415V, before energy savings.

PowerSave Energy Saving Regulator colour?White (RAL9002)

Does the equipment require cooling? PowerSave equipment is specifically designed to be naturally air cooled and no additional cooling is normally required although the equipment's environment must be maintained within the operating specifications as per the data sheet and installed in accordance with the installation manual.

Does the equipment create noise?Minimal low level intermittent noise whilst compensating for input supply voltage variations.

Does the equipment have surge protection?Yes, supplied as standard

Does the equipment have over current protection?No, equipment should be protected with suitably rated fuse or Circuit Breaker.

Does the equipment have metering capabilities?Some models have built in metering and where not fitted as standard they are available as an option.

Does the equipment have safe-start capabilities? Not applicable to the PowerSave Energy Saving Regulator

Does the PowerSave Energy Saving Regulator reduce harmonics?In some cases, yes (load dependent), however a dedicated Harmonic Reduction Transformer (HRT), which we can also supply, would be better suited for designated harmonic reduction solutions and can be used in conjunction with the energy saving regulator.

Does the PowerSave Energy Saving Regulator improve power factor?In some cases, yes, however designated power factor correction should be sought if solving dedicated specific power factor issues.

Does the equipment require a By Pass Switch?The equipment should have the ability to be isolated for maintenance or shutdown works and so we always recommend the fitting of a bypass switch.

Some models now incorporate internal bypass systems.

Does the equipment have wheels?No

How can the equipment be moved around at site? By using standard pallet truck equipment in most cases subject to weight limits of pallet truck and model designated.

Will the moving parts in these Units have any negative effect on my plant and equipment?No, to the contrary, the moving parts are there in order to give a dynamic control of the supply and maintain supply conditions which will give the optimum output voltage for both site equipment and energy savings.

Does the equipment require maintenance? All electrical plant and equipment needs to be maintained. The PowerSave Energy Saving Regulator incorporates Regavolt variable Transformers which have carbon brushes and our recommendation is for annual inspection with replacement when required.

Could you describe the recommended maintenance interval for PowerSave Energy Saving Regulators?We recommend an annual inspection / service visit.

Will you carry out any test after installation to identify actual savings?We are happy to visit sites after the installation to measure savings by using a reliable method.

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