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Voltage Optimisation: Avoiding Common Pitfalls

A properly planned voltage optimisation strategy can deliver energy savings of up to 25% by reducing and regulating the voltage electrical equipment receives from the national grid.  It is not only cost-effective – it cuts electricity bills in addition to emissions – it is measurable, making it easy to assess carbon credit requirements under CRC.

But amidst a burgeoning marketplace of products touting their emissions-saving potential, the wrong approach to voltage optimisation can limit effectiveness and even put a site at risk. Voltage optimisation is not one-size-fits all – get a full site survey

The installation of voltage optimisation equipment should begin with a comprehensive analysis of a site’s power conditions.  Each site is different, with unique infrastructure and specific load requirements and should be tailored to ensure that savings are maximised. 

A product can promise “up to X%” of savings on the tin, but the site’s particular conditions may only make a fraction of that savings possible.  A site survey – with an equipment assessment, power supply analysis and electrical logging – will determine the actual energy saving potential.

Three phase logging is crucial for safe use and maximum ROI. The electrical logging component of the site survey should involve three phase rather than single phase logging.

Three phase electricity logging measures average voltage, current, power factor and wattage, as well as maximum current.  Voltage readings are taken at the furthest point or longest cable runs from the main incoming supply, recording phase to neutral voltages and time so as to provide a reference for the logged data and to identify the site’s worst case drop.  Each metric should be analysed over at least a seven day period, recording each phase at five minute intervals.  This will identify many power quality issues, such as significant mains voltage dips, sags or harmonic disturbances.

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