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Powerstay-HEADER-new-pic-770pxPowerstayâ„¢ voltage stabilisers provide an economical solution to unstable mains problems.
The MS / MSB range are available in both single and three phase models capable of stabilising supply voltage deviations of up to 30% while maintaining the output voltage to better than ±1.5% of setting.

Transient protection is incorporated into all models to help limit high voltage transients damaging user equipment.

PowerStay logo 250px MS Voltage Stabilsers 0.35 - 2.3kVA

MS10 open casePowerstayâ„¢ MS voltage stabilisers are compact, single phase, low power units designed for use with loads of up to 10 amps and are suitable for use with 50 or 60Hz supplies. All MS models are housed in robust steel enclosures fitted with an input lead with UK 13A mains plug, UK output socket, on/off switch and LED mains on indicator, making installation and connectivity trouble free.
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MS datasheet


PowerStay logo 250px MSB Voltage Stabilisers 31kVA - 105kVA 

MSB 152 front viewPowerstayâ„¢ MSB three phase voltage stabilsers are available in three models providing ratings of 45, 90 and 152 amps per phase, with an input voltage correction range of ±15%, where the Input Voltage range is given as a percentage of the set output Voltage.

Powerstayâ„¢ Voltage Stabilisers incorporate digital voltage sensing and motor control to accurately maintain the output voltage to within ±1% of the set output voltage. All models feature independent phase control and individual phase LED indicatiors.
MSB 90 and 152 models feature forced air cooling.

MSB datasheet

MS and MSB models can also be supplied with a range of options including Metering, MCB's or fuses, phase failure protection and over/under voltage relays.
Our technical sales team will be happy to advise you on the correct model for your application.

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