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Our Series TS range are often specified for communications and medical electronic applications and are available in single or three phase configurations, spanning ratings from 1kVA - 1525kVA. All models have transient suppresion built in as standard.

Low voltage and alternate frequency models are also available. 

Series TS voltage stabilisers can be tailored to meet customer specifications and manufactured to incorporate a range of optional extras designed to suit most applications.

Our smaller Single phase TS-2 (2.7kVA) through TS-3.5 (13.8kVA) models are available in 483mm (19") rack mounted enclosures in addition to our standard floor standing enclosures. TS-2 through TS-3.5 floor standing enclosure models are available from our online shop for immediate dispatch.   Go to Shop
For a detailed explanation of the stabilising process and control system - Click here

 Customer options 

Include metering, lightning protection, under/over volt relays, soft start and Monitor options.

Soft Start
The Soft Start system is designed to ensure that prior to switching on, the Voltage Stabiliser Output is set to the lowest possible level. Without this function, the output from the Voltage Stabiliser could, at the point of switching on, apply a boosted voltage to the load if the Stabiliser had been in a boost position at the time of switching off.

The Soft Start system continually monitors the input supply voltage to the stabiliser. If the supply voltage fails, the Soft Start system will activate and drive the Stabiliser into a full buck state.

Our in house developed monitor circuit enables the user to adjust and set the stabiliser output voltage via a panel mounted LCD display, eliminating the need to remove case panels in order to access each internal voltage set potentiometer.
The monitor circuit provides additional functions that can be incorporated into our TS range such as Voltage, Current and temperature monitoring. 
Additional features of the monitor system include an event log which captures time and event data, i.e over voltage / under voltage, over temperature and over current which can be utilised to switch an onboard volt free contact if the operating parameters fall outside of specified limits in order to alert the operator.

For a full list of available models and ratings, for both single and three phase, standard and low voltage models view the respective datasheets below.

TS Datasheets
TS single phase range TS three phase range