The table below lists a selection of standard models. Models in bold are manufactured for stock and normally available for prompt delivery via our online shop.  In addition other models and many optional features are available to special order. 
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Model Input Output Rated Max  


301 Series
301L 120V 0-120V 1.75A 2A
402L 120V 0-135V 5A 6A
403L 120V 0-135V 6·75A 8·1A
706L 120V 0-135V 15A 18A
1225L 120V 0-135V 50A 60A
1225L-G2P 120V 0-135V 100A 120A - 2 gang parallel 
1225L-G3P 120V 0-135V 150A 180A - 3 gang parallel
Model Input   Output Rated  Max   Shop                 404-Regavolt-with-knob--dial404
301 250V 0-250V 0·5A 0·7A  301
401 240V 0-275V 1A 1·2A
402 240V 0-275V 2·5A 2·75A
403 240V 0-275V 3A 3·75A
404 240V 0-275V 4A 4·75A  404
708 240V 0-275V 8A 10A
715 240V 0-275V 15A 18A 715
1225 240V 0-275V 25A 30A 1225
1225-G2P 240V 0-275V 50A 60A - 2 gang parallel
1225-G3P 240V 0-275V 75A 90A - 3 gang parallel
REGAVOLT® Datasheet        REGAVOLT® Technical Note  
 Model Input  Output  Rated  Max         Regavolt-715-470 715
402H 440V 0-440V 0·8A 1A
404H 440V 0-440V 1·6A 2A
706H 440V 0-440V 3A 3A
715H 440V 0-440V 7·5A 7.5A
1225H 440V 0-440V 12.5A 12.5A


High quality AC voltage and Current control product designed for panel mounting into O.E.M equipment. 

Model Input Output Rated Max Shop                Varatran-3Models: 33Y, 36Y, 38Y
33Y 240V 0-240V 0·9A 1·1A 33Y
34Y 240V 0-240V 1·4A 1·65A
36Y 240V 0-240V 1·75A 2·1A 36Y
38Y 240V 0-240V 2·5A 3·0A 38Y  
34Z 240V 0-270V 1·15A 1·4A
VARATRAN® Datasheet


Designed for workshop or portable use the enclosed 240V 50Hz Input Regavolt® models are rated from 2.5A to 15A, 0-275V Output with metering options across the range.
Model Input Output Rated Metering  Shop   
402-EB 240V 0-275V 2·5A None

715 ed   


402-EA 240V 0-275V 2·5A Analogue Voltage & Current
404-EB 240V 0-275V 4A None 404EB
404-EA 240V 0-275V 4A Analogue Voltage & Current  404EA
 404-ED  240V 0-275V  4A  Digital Voltage & Current 404ED
708-EB 240V 0-275V 8A None
708-EA 240V 0-275V 8A Analogue Voltage & Current 708EA
710-EB 240V 0-275V 10A None
710-EA 240V 0-275V 10A Analogue Voltage & Current
715-EB  240V  0-275V  15A  None 715EB
715-EA  240V  0-275V  15A  Analogue Voltage & Current  715EA
715-ED  240V  0-275V  15A   Digital Voltage & Current 715ED
Portable REGAVOLT® Datasheet

Information contained within the Datasheets and Technical Notes are subject to change and where precise dimensions etc are required please request specific information via the contact link below.

Important: Please read the technical note/safety document for this product.

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