High Current Variable DC - TEC - Claude Lyons

TEC-products-UK-banner-Thrysistor-DC-supply-770pxThrysistor-fill-350Following on from our success in custom building a thyristor controlled variable DC power supply (2-15 volts DC at 10,000 amps) for a U.S based electro-chemical machining facility,TEC has recently had an influx of requests for similar units including a salt bath power supply (2-6 volts DC at 6000 amps), a DC power supply (0-200 volts DC at 1250 amps) for Rutherford Appleton Laboratories, and an oil immersed unit for British Steel (0-100 volts DC at 1250 amps).

Our clients requirements were ascertained after an extensive consultation period, from this TEC designed and developed each unit to have an unequalled build quality and unmatched reliability.
For more information on our capability in high current variable DC power supplies please contact our sales team.

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