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TEC ManufactuDC1-edit1red this variable DC. supply to the customers specific requirements. Our customer needed the equipment tailored to operate in a unique way.
After discussing their particular requirements with TEC’s design engineers, the DC. ANODISING UNIT was built consisting of two separate variable supplies in the same cubicle. Each supply was fitted with, on/off push-buttons, output voltmeters and ammeters. Limit switches were fitted to the Regavolt shafts to ensure the unit could not be switched on until the Regavolt handle was returned to the zero position. Upon activation a timer would start and once the pre-set time had elapsed a buzzer would sound, and continue to sound until the operator returned the Regavolt to the zero position, automatically shutting off the power supply. To protect the supply from overloads a shunt fed overload relay connected to the mains supply was incorporated. The capability to ensure the power supply could not be activated until the regavolt was in the zero position, and the power supply shut down when the Regavolt was returned to the zero position, was finally achieved by the use of two limit switches mounted on each of the Regavolt shafts connected in a make before break configuration

INPUT 3 PHASE 50 Hz 4 WIRE ( Voltage to be specified ).
OUTPUT 3V D.C. ( Minimum ) @ 5000 AMPS    ( Maximum ) Output Volts and Amps to be specified.
RATING 200 KW ( Maximum continuous rating )
% RIPPLE 1.04 % Approx.COOLING Naturally air cooled.
TRANSFORMER IRON CORE Constructed from a five limb iron core design, to give a high zero phase sequence reactance, with the three centre limbs used for mounting the coils. Core material UNISIL 35M6.
TRANSFORMER WINDINGS Coils are concentrically wound with NOMEX covered copper strip, between the input and output windings is a copper earthed screen, all coils are insulated with class "F" insulation and varnish vacuum impregnated.

INPUT WINDING ( Mains voltage ) 3 PHASE 50 Hz STAR 4 WIRE
OUTPUT 1 ( 4.3 Volts A.C. minimum) 3 PHASE 50 Hz STAR 4 WIRE

OUTPUT 2 ( 4.3 Volts A.C. minimum ) 3 PHASE 50 Hz DELTA 3 WIRE

Voltages and ratings to suit specified K.W. output.

RECTIFIERS Each output from the transformer is connected in series with a naturally air cooled three phase silicon bridge rectifier, which in turn are connected in parallel, to give a 12 pulse D.C. supply.

CONTROL Coarse control via three phase stepless variable transformer feeding the input to the main transformer. Fine control via three phase stepless variable transformer feeding a 10:1 ratio three phase Booster transformer in series with the input lines to the main transformer.

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