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TEC-products-UK-banner-EST-770pxAn energy saving transformer is essentially a tapped transformer, usually auto-wound, providing a voltage reduction.
Many types of electrical equipment can operate perfectly well on a lower voltage with a consequent reduction in power consumption and in some cases an increase in operating life. 

This is especially soESTedit1logo450 with equipment designed to operate on 230V or 220V supply and where the supply voltage has remained at 240V, and similarly for three-phase equipment designed for 400V or 380V on 415V supply.

TEC manufactures single and three-phase Energy Saving Transformers in power ratings to approx 1 MVA depending on the voltage reduction required – typically from 2½% to 8% according to customer requirements. View Datasheet

They can be supplied for a fixed voltage ratio or with tappings for preset, manually selected or contactor/remote selection of the voltage reduction. Read the TEC single and three-phase power transformers Datasheet .

Harmonic Reduction
Where harmonics and high neutral currents are present three-phase energy saving transformers can be supplied with the winding arrangements of our HRT series Harmonic Reduction Transformers to enable the advantages of both reduced harmonics and power consumption to be provided in a single equipment.Powersave-logo-tm-png-220px-web

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Fixed ratio Energy Saving Transformers are only appropriate when the mains supply is known to be reasonably stable or the reduction ratio is relatively small.  A large reduction combined with possible voltage reductions by the electricity supplier (DNO) can cause the supply voltage to the equipment falling below its safe operating limits.  This can be completely avoided by fitting a Mains Voltage Stabiliser which continually maintains a constant supply voltage and can be set to provide the most economic voltage operating level.
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