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TEC-products-Static-Balancers-770pxTEC® Static Balancers from Claude Lyons Limited provide the DNO with numerous advantages. Used on 3 phase LV supplies, and especially advantageous for rural overhead distribution systems, they

• mitigate phase unbalance • reduce neutral current HRT-edit-200px-v2Pole-mount-200px-grey
• reduce current unbalance • improve network utilisation
• reduce voltage unbalance • limit voltage drop/rise
• reduce triplen harmonics • are very easily retrofitted
                          pole mount                indoor enclosure

The static balancer is a transformer with a single interconnected-star winding on a three-limb iron core. It's low zero sequence impedance allows it to draw the neutral current and redistribute it onto the three phases

For the DNO it presents a highly economical and effective way of reducing current and voltage unbalance and therefore of mitigating problems due to the emergence of low carbon technologies such as wind and solar power. They will help to bring phase neutral and phase-phase voltages within statutory limits in cases where unbalanced consumer loads make the voltage of a lightly loaded phase rise excessively.

Also known as neutal current traps, harmonic reduction transformers, and artificial star points, Static Balancers have been manufactured for many years by TEC®, the Transformers and Electrical Company, a trading name of Claude Lyons Limited.

In addition to pole-mounting versions ideal for easy retrofit installation in rural LV distribution systems, they are avaialble as open construction for incorporation in equipment and control systems , and as floor or wall mounting units in indoor or outdoor rated enclosures.

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