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Claude Lyons voltage stabilisers have been designed and manufactured in the UK for over 70 years, and from 1979 in our spacious and well equipped 35,000 sq ft (3,250 sq m) factory at Waltham Cross, Herts. Today we produce a very broad range of single and three phase models with ratings spanning 0.35kVA to 1525kVA, and voltage correction ranges of ±6.25% to ±25% across the TS and MS / MSB range of voltage stabilisers.TS 777 voltage stabiliser 

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The TS range comprises our primary range of voltage stabilisers which cover our broadest range of models. The current generation of TS voltage stabilisers utilise our latest in house designed type 100 digital servo controls, combined with our improved buck / boost transformer design to provide reliable and efficient voltage regulation to ±0.5% of the output voltage setting. 

Available in single and three phase models with ratings spanning 1kVA to 1525kVA and voltage correction ranges of ±6.25% to ±25%.

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msb 152 MS10 300pxThe Powerstayâ„¢ MS and MSB range of voltage stabilisers provide a lower cost solution of introducing voltage stabilisation to your site. Utilising an alternate circuit design to our TS range, the MS / MSB range provide the same reliable functionality with a marginal decrease in output voltage accuracy.

The compact single phase MS range caters for low power applications not covered by the TS range and are available in ratings 0.35kVA to 2.3kVA with an input voltage correction range of -20%, +10%, and output voltage accuracy of ±1.5%.

The three phase MSB range are available in three ratings. MSB-45 (31kVA), MSB-90 (62.1kVA) and the MSB-152 (105kVA). MSB models have an input voltage correction range of ±15% with an output voltage accuracy of ±1%.

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