Applications-telecommunicationsMobile radio base stations
Earth-stationInstallations throughout the world have benefitted from the installation of Claude Lyons voltage stabilisers. Voltage stabilisers offer protection to equipment within base station sites.
Applications include providing stable voltage to air conditioning units used to cool the equipment and extra protection to rectifier units enabling them to operate at nominal voltage to provide improved efficiency, minimal harmonics and extending working life.

TS-voltage Stabilisers

Earth stations
Stabilising fluctuating voltages to sensitive measuring and control equipment in systems for tracking, telemetry and orbital analysis within earth stations helps to ensure a seamless service, allowing equipment to operate at optimum efficiency with increased MTBF and reduced downtime.
Mobile satellite stations also benefit greatly from voltage stabilisation, eliminating fluctuating supply from generator sets.




UK Established Since 1918

The Claude Lyons Group was founded in the UK in 1918 and is still in private ownership. Since our early days we have been innovators in areas related to voltage and power control and more recently in energy saving and harmonic mitigation. Operating as a global exporter with many years experience we can justifiably call ourselves a world leader in the field of voltage stabilisers, power conditioning and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)