Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) rely on the mains voltage being within appropriate limits to ensure their batteries are in good condition and fully charged so as to be able to provide the specified autonomy after mains failure.

There have been many expensive cases of failure to provide the required back-up due to the supply voltage having been low and, unknown to the user, the UPS actually running from its batteries. 

Fitment of a voltage stabiliser before the UPS is an economical and effective way of avoiding what could otherwise be at the least an embarrassment and in some cases a disaster.

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The Claude Lyons Group was founded in the UK in 1918 and is still in private ownership. Since our early days we have been innovators in areas related to voltage and power control and more recently in energy saving and harmonic mitigation. Operating as a global exporter with many years experience we can justifiably call ourselves a world leader in the field of voltage stabilisers, power conditioning and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)